Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics

The design and development of Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics has been a collaborative effort that has drawn on the talents and energies of mathematics educators at several universities. Overall direction of the project was guided by an international advisory board.

University content specialists collaborated with the authors in the selection and organization of the content in each unit, in reviewing and commenting on units as they were being developed, field tested, and revised or refined for publication by McGraw-Hill Education.


Senior Authors

Christian R. Hirsch (Director)
Western Michigan University

Eric W. Hart
Grand View University

Ann E. Watkins
California State University, Northridge

Beth E. Ritsema
Western Michigan University

Contributing Authors

James T. Fey (Emeritus)
University of Maryland

Brin A. Keller
Michigan State University

Rebecca K. Walker
The New Community College at CUNY

James K. Laser
Western Michigan University

Principal Evaluator

Steven W. Ziebarth
Western Michigan University

Advisory Board

Diane Briars (formerly)
Pittsburgh Public Schools

Jeremy Kilpatrick
University of Georgia

Robert E. Megginson
University of Michigan

Kenneth Ruthven
Cambridge University

David A. Smith
Duke University

Mathematics Consultants

Christine Franklin
University of Georgia

Bernard L. Madison
University of Arkansas

Stephen B. Maurer
Swarthmore College

Doris Schattschneider
Moravian College

Instructional Technology Consultant

James P. Hirsch
Plano Independent School District

Evaluation Consultant

Robert E. Reys (Emeritus)
University of Missouri - Columbia

Technical and Production Coordinator

James K. Laser
Western Michigan University

Support Staff

Hope Smith
Teresa Ziebarth
Western Michigan University

Graduate Assistants

AJ Edson
Nicole L. Fonger
Josh Goss
Western Michigan University