Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics

The mathematics that students are learning in these video clips is found in Unit 6 Informatics, Lesson 2, Investigation 2 "Modular Arithmetic" (pp. 461–464).

These video clips are from a class in a school that field-tested Transition to College Mathematics and Statistics. The clips allow viewers to observe how one teacher facilitated student learning and used formative assessment to guide her teaching decisions. We wish to thank the teacher, the students, and their parents for providing permission to use the video to help educators whose goals are to engage students in problem-based learning. These video clips may be used as the basis for professional development activities.

The short clips provided here are taken from a multi-day investigation. Clips are sequenced in order of occurrence beginning with Problem 7 of Investigation 2. We have chosen small classroom excerpts to allow them to be easily downloaded by users.

If you would like to download individual clips, use the following links: