Statistics & Probability Tools

Data Analysis and Simulation are tools designed for the Statistics and Probability strand. The focus of Data Analysis is on the graphical and numeric display of univariate and bivariate data. Simulation can be used to create and run simulations of probabilistic situations.


Data Analysis

Data Sheets


Statistical Analysis

Analyze data in graphical and numeric displays.

Display and compute data stored in a grid, and relate rows and columns by formulas.

Plot data as a histogram, box plot, scatterplot, matrix plot, time series plot, or (un)stacked bar graph.

Perform statistical calculations, regression analysis, and model sampling distributions.


Build and Run

View and Analyze

Custom Apps

Model probabilistic situations and analyze the results in tables, graphs, or data sheets.

Create an event and customize a simulation with computations, then control the speed, start, and stop.

Customize the display of simulation results in the Model, Table, and Graph and compute basic statistics.

Explore univariate and bivariate data in graphical environments for shape, center, and spread of a distribution.




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Adjust Data Analysis settings to modify stylistic attributes of created objects.

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