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Save & Print

In general, the contents of a General Purpose Tool--CAS, Spreadsheet, Interactive Geometry, Data Analysis and Simulation--can be Saved , Opened for later use, and also Printed . See the Help Topics below for more on how to Save, Print, Open, and Capture Screen Images.


A general method to Save a file from a General Purpose Tool is to:

  1. Choose File | Save (or Tool | Save) to store a copy of your work to be opened later.
  2. Within the Save Dialogue box:
  3. Choose Save.
Use ".tcms" when saving a file to be opened and modified later (e.g., "MathHW.tcms");
Use ".txt" when saving a file to view the programming commands used to create it (e.g., "GeometryCommands.txt", "DataSheet1.txt"); OR
Use ".gif" when saving a graph for viewing only (e.g., "functiongraph.gif").
Help Tip 1: If you would like to be able to modify the characteristics of a saved graph, you will have to recreate it from the Data Sheet or Y= tab. Save the Data Sheet or Y= tab contents when you save the graph. Open the Data Sheet or Y= tab contents and recreate the desired plot.

Help Tip 2: Data Analysis, Spreadsheet, and CAS Data Sheets are not saved collectively; only the active data sheet is stored in the file that is saved. Click on each active data sheet to save it individually with an appropriate name.

Help Tip 3: Only the set-up or build of a Statistics & Probability Simulation model will be saved, not specific results. To save the results of a simulation, choose Analyze Results in the Edit menu. Then save the results from within Data Analysis.


A general method to Print material created with a General Purpose Tool or Custom App is to:

  1. Rescale the desired window to an appropriate size so that all contents are visible (with no scroll bars).
  2. Choose File | Print (or Tool | Print).
  3. Within the Print Dialogue Box:
  4. Click Print.
Help Tip: If there are difficulties printing, try using the Screen Capture Option first, then printing this digital image.


Two common methods to Open a saved file include:

Help Tip 1: Double-clicking a saved .txt file will open it in the default text editor program on your computer. From the text editor program you may manually change the commands (for a geometry file) or the data sheet name and column headers (for a spreadsheet file). Additionally, you may open data sheet files from within other spreadsheet programs (e.g., Microsoft Excel).

Help Tip 2: A saved image file (such as a graph with file name extension .gif) will be opened with the default picture viewer program on your computer (e.g., Picture Viewer in Windows or Preview in Mac OS X).

Screen Capture (Digital Image)

Capture a Screen Image of your work to embed as a digital file within another application, or to print. Two options are given below (the first might not be available from all tools, while the second can be applied at any time).