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All help topics and commands that are available within the Discrete Mathematics tools are listed below in alphabetical order.

Add a Loop
Add Weight to Edges
Adj Matrix to CAS
Adjacency Matrix
Algorithms menu
Automatic Algorithm
Bending Edges
Bipartite Test
Circuit Finder Algorithm
Clear All
Close All Windows
Close Window
Color Vertices or Edges
Complete Bipartite Graph
Complete Graph
Connected Test
Critical Path Algorithm
Cut Object(s)
Cycle Graph
Degree of a Vertex
Directed Graph
Display Degrees
Display Adjacency Matrix
Distance Matrix
Draw Vertices or Edges
Duplicate Graph
Edit menu
Euler and Not Euler Generator
Euler Circuit Algorithm
Euler Graph
Euler Test
File menu
Graphs from Unit
How to Run an Algorithm
Kruskal's Algorithm
List Hamilton Circuits
List Spanning Trees
Minimum Hamilton Circuit Algorithm
Move a Vertex
Move an Edge
Name Vertex/Edge
Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
New Graph
Not Euler Graph
Open Saved Graph
Options menu
Paths of Length n Matrix
Peterson Graph
Power of Adjacency Matrix
Prim's Algorithm
Print a Graph
Random Graph
Ranked-Choice Voting
Redo Last Move
Sample Graphs menu
Save a Graph
Scaling Graphs
Selection Tool
Selecting Objects
Set Edge Type
Set Graph Display
Set Vertex Border
Shortest Path Algorithm
Simple Graph
Step Through Algorithm
Tests menu
Tile All Windows
Undo Last Move
Vertex-Edge Graph
Weighted Graph
Weighted Voting
Welsh-Powell Algorithm