Geometry & Trigonometry Tools

Geometry and Trigonometry tools include an interactive drawing tool for constructing, measuring, manipulating, and transforming geometric figures, a simple object-oriented programming language for creating animation effects, and a set of custom apps for studying geometric models in 2D and 3D. Interactive Geometry can be launched in a synthetic or coordinate environment.




Measure & Calculate

Custom Apps

Explore the possibilities of dynamic geometry within a coordinate environment.

Click and drag to create and move objects with dynamic capabilities, select shapes to modify their properties.

Select an object and an attribute to be measured and use measurements in a Calculation.

Experiment with contour diagrams, 2D and 3D dynamic figures, and graphical linear programming.




Program & Animate

Explore the possibilities of dynamic geometry within a synthetic (non-coordinate) environment.

Select an object(s) and a construction option for dynamic designs that always remain true.

Flip, turn, slide, and scale a drawn geometric object to a new location in the plane.

Execute a sequence of commands to define, draw, construct, and transform objects in the plane.




Save & Print

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Geometry & Trigonometry in A-Z order.

Listing of available commands with examples for Interactive Geometry.

Modify stylistic attributes of created objects.

TMCS-Tools (TCMS), Image (GIF), and Text (TXT) are file types.

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