Algebra & Functions Tools

Algebra and Functions tools include a spreadsheet and a computer algebra system (CAS) that produces tables and graphs of functions, manipulates algebraic expressions, and solves equations and inequalities.



Command Line

Graphs & Tables

Custom App

Manipulate expressions and equations, display and transform graphs and tables.

Execute commands for symbolic algebra, compute, and define objects for later use.

View graphs and tables of defined 2D or 3D functions and equations.

Explore function iteration in a user-friendly environment.



Edit Options

Sort, Graph, Analyze

Display and compute data stored in a grid, and relate rows and columns by formulas.

Relate cells and columns of a spreadsheet with user-defined formulas.

Customize rows and columns, cut, copy, paste and insert, set digits and align.

Use tools for analysis of data including sort, graph, Solver, and Chi-Square Test.



CAS / Spreadsheet

Save & Print

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Listing of available commands with examples for Algebra & Functions.

Modify settings and stylistic attributes of created objects.

TCMS-Tools (TCMS), Image (GIF), and Text (TXT) files are file types.

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